Hubert Hermans-Creator of Dialogical Self Theory

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In my autobiographical work BETWEEN DREAMING AND RECOGNITION SEEKING (2012), I have sketched some destablizing events in my life and investigated their meaning via the lens of Dialogical Self Theory, with some challenging questions to YOU!

It is a small and accessible work in which the reader can playfully learn about the Theory as materialized in my life story, while at the same time you as a reader explore meaningful events in your own life by applying the theory to yourself.

See the special issue on the DEVELOPMENTAL IMPLICATIONS of Dialogical Self Theory in New Directions for Child and Adolescent Development (NDCAD), 2012, number137.

See also the special issue on the DIALOGICAL SELF IN EDUCATION, in Journal of Constructivist Psychology, 2013, vol. 26 (2).

Hubert Hermans is one of the main theorists in narrative psychology and in narrative psychotherapy. During his career he has developed several influential methods and theories. One of them is the Self Confrontation Method (SCM) that has led to the establishment of the Association for SCM practitioners that has around 300 members in 2014.  Another is the Dialogical Self Theory that has led to the organization of biennial international conferences, the establishment of the International Society for Dialogical Science (ISDS) and the International Journal for Dialogical Science (IJDS).

Hubert Hermans is an author of around 200 publications, mainly on the Self-Confrontation Method and Dialogical Self Theory. His work is translated into nine languages. He is author of Self-Narratives: The Construction of Meaning in Psychotherapy (with Els Hermans-Jansen) (1995), The Dialogical Self in Psychotherapy (with Giancarlo Dimaggio) (2004), Dialogical Self Theory: Positioning and Counter-Positioning in a Globalizing Society (with Agnieszka Hermans-Konopka) (2010) and Handbook of Dialogical Self Theory (with Thorsten Gieser) (2012).

For almost 40 years Hubert Hermans was associated with the Radboud University of Nijmegen, where he studied psychology and became Professor of Psychology. He taught in the Department of Clinical and Personality Psychology at Nijmegen until 2002 when he became professor emeritus.

Hubert Hermans continues to work on Dialogical Self Theory and, together with Agnieszka Konopka, on its implementation in dialogical practice in the International Institute for the Dialogical Self.

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